Ride the Rockies

Posted:November 28, 2018

This trip involved only 420 miles of biking in the Rockies with 26000' of climbing.

The climbing was actually easier for me than descending. The speeds of the descents and high danger kept my hands on the brakes. After each hard day of riding, I was in my tent catching up on work with my laptop. Sleeping was never a problem even at the high altitudes. It was freezing each morning with frozen dew on the tents.


Posted:November 28, 2018

Dad's last visit to Cuba was during one of his Amherst College spring breaks in the late 1950s. He had a good time then and an equally good time on this father & son trip. The highlight of his first trip was seeing the show at the Tropicana Club, and it was the highlight again.

The Cuban people are terrific. If anyone wants help planning a trip to Cuba and getting travel authorization, just let me know.


Posted:November 28, 2018

This was a great family ski trip to our favorite ski town. This is a picture of me with my sons at the top of Peak 8. Hiking up there from the Imperial Chair was quite the workout. Shannon was relaxing in the lodge with hot cocoa at the time.

John Muir Trail Trip #4

Posted:November 26, 2018

This was a wonderful 3 x father+son trip. Our route was Agnew Meadows over Donohue Pass and to Tuolumne Meadows. We had a blast after the hike in San Francisco for a few days. It was truly a trip of a lifetime.

The picture is at Donohue Pass. That's me in green rain shell holding selfie stick w/ my youngest son on my left.

John Muir Trail Trip #3

Posted:November 26, 2018

2017 was a prolific year for snowpack, and this trip was early in the season. The planned route was Bishop to Mt. Whitney and exit at Whitney Portal. The rangers were correct when they told us that we didn't have a chance of completing the planned route. Due to many hardships and dangerous conditions, we turned around at Palisade Lakes and exited at South Lake.

I'll never plan a trip in these conditions again. Since everyone made it out safely, I'm glad that we did it this time and saw the...

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