Prague & Copenhagen

Posted:February 18, 2020

My family visited Prague and Copenhagen over Thanksgiving. Patrick, our youngest son, was already over there enjoying a semester abroad. David was able to take some much needed time off from working on his startup. I found the cultures (and costs to visit) much different between these 2 cities. The highlights were visiting the historic attractions of both cities, spending time with Patrick's host family, and experience a much different client than Florida. This picture is of us in front of...

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Pacific Crest Trail

Posted:November 19, 2019

It was a tremendous privilege to join grad school buddy and 2 other PCT tru-hikers. They had already hiked 2500 miles southbound. I joined 120 miles from the Mexican border.

Keelboat Regatta

Posted:January 3, 2019

Had a blast in this shorter race. Very lucky to have my youngest son home from college and on my mighty crew of 3.

Egmont Key Race

Posted:November 28, 2018

First sailboat with yours truly as the captain!

My goal was to finish the race with minimal stress on captain and crew. I was basically planning to finish last. We overachieved. Click here for race results.


John Muir Trail Trip #5

Posted:November 28, 2018

Our high elevation route started at Horseshoe Meadow 10000', summited Mt. Whitney 14505' , and exited at Onion Valley 9185'. Other highlights included Cottonwood Pass, Guyot Pass, Guitar Lake, Bighorn Plateau, Forester Pass, and Kearsarge Pass. Our crew of 5 performed very well, and we enjoyed each other's company. The landscapes were amazing.

We convalesced in Santa Cruz after exiting the back country. That was very relaxing. Our group then expanded from 5 to 12 people for more fun at...

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