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"Never Underestimate the Power of Persistence." Thomas A. Edison

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I've been working in the competitive power industry for over 20 years. I have a diverse experience base that includes roles in finance, trading, origination, IT, and engineering. Currently, I am operating as an independent consultant to renewable and other energy companies. I've done work for 3 clients and have several promising prospects. Prior to consulting, I most recently completed Entegra Power's $1.7B asset divestiture program and achieved its investor exit. This work was completed on December 17, 2018.

I am proud of my many achievements in the competitive energy sector. To learn more about my career, click on the LinkedIn button at the top of this page. To see what I've been up to lately, scroll down to the activities log below. I enjoy learning about new trends in our industry, analyzing data, and working on my network of contacts. It's a great time to be in our industry.

My personal adventures may be seen by clicking on the adventures tab at the top of this page. I love the outdoors, and challenging myself physically & intellectually.

Activity log

Middelgrunden Wind Farm
November 2019
  • During trip to Copenhagen, I organized a tour the Middelgrunden Wind Farm, which was the world's largest offshore wind farm when originally constructed. My 2 sons were on the tour, which inspired their interest in the energy field. This was a private tour that I arranged through a very generous contact. Please let me know if you have further interest.
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Consulting Engagement with Solar Developer
San Francisco, CA
July-Nov 2019
  • Performed a challenging and very interesting engagement with one of the leading utility-scale solar developers. Project involved evaluation of numerous utility-scale solar and battery projects. Deliverables included scenario analysis, implementation recommendations, financial model, and organizational assessment. I also supported a corporate fundraising mandate and provided advice on financial hedging.
Fortress Energy Group
Consultant & Trader
  • Enjoy working with the trading team that I put together at Entegra at their electricity trading hedge fund. Very proud that the team was able to raise the capital to start the fund. My work involves recruiting (hired 2 traders), training, market analysis, and trading (SPP and ERCOT).
Y Combinator - Lucid Drone Tech
Summer 2019
  • [Proud parent moment] - My role in this activity is mentoring David Danielson, Jr. He and 2 partners founded Lucid Drone Technologies during their junior years at Davidson College. They've gone on to: admission to YC, raised significant seed stage VC funding, opened an office, hired multiple engineers, and built an impressive sales pipeline.
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Energy Fellows Institute
Boulder, CO
May 2019
  • I was very lucky and selected as a Fellow in the Energy Fellows Institute. EFI provides immersion into clean energy technologies, energy markets, business models, financial strategies, and policy matters. The program was launched in 2012 by the NREL, the Advanced Energy Economy Institute, and the Colorado Cleantech Industrial Assoc. I spent 2 weeks in Boulder immersed with cohorts in the program, which emphasized battery storage this year.
24x7 Carbon-Free Energy for Data Centers (article)
February 2019
  • When AB32 went into effect, I managed California imports from gas-fired generation and procurement of carbon credits. That effort felt like a shell game, where the market was just optimizing the type of energy being imported. My experience with AB32 made me a skeptic about how some corporations were procuring renewable energy. I was very encouraged to read this article and see a strong effort to avoid a shell game when procuring renewable energy.
  • pdf document
Energy Storage Summit 2018
December 2018
  • I caught the on-demand replay of this conference (thank you Greentech Media). Interesting discussions included: 1) SCE and the Aliso Canyon Gas Storage situation; and 2) measurement of reductions in greenhouse gases attributable to energy storage. It's interesting that the solution for replacing natural gas storage involved electricity storage.
The Next Big Opportunities in Energy Storage
Webinar, Stanford Center for Professional Development
December 2018
  • Energy storage is expected to double by 2021. It's good that FERC Order 841 is in the works. Wow... I had a flashback to my college chemistry classes when this webinar veered off in that direction.
Orlando, FL
December 2018
  • Attended Tuesday of this very large conference. Highlights for me were keynote speech in the morning and Power Markets & Financing Challenges breakout session. The chairman of OUC spoke about the muni's adoption of solar power. OUC is providing customers with a lot of choices. A breakout session was mostly about how much returns are being compressed for solar PPAs.
Southeast Renewable Energy
Atlanta, GA
November 2018
  • My favorite discussions were about corporate procurement, and utility scale solar and storage in the Southeast. This was an excellent networking event.
Energy Storage
Stanford Center for Professional Development
November 2018
  • Very cool course that mapped battery chemistry to grid scale applications. The adaptation of batteries to the grid and the decreasing cost of batteries will be transformational. Batteries will take the excitement out of trading electricity. We saw that shale production did this to the NG market.
  • Course certificate
Renewables Summit
Austin, TX
November 2018
  • Comment that got my attention about solar offtake agreements... "age of 1 company, 1 contract, 1 product was short and is fading." That comment was made by an employee of Dell Computer.
  • I attended this conference remotely via Greentech Media's streaming product. While I missed out on the networking opportunities, I appreciate this convenient alternative to attending physically.
  • An most interesting panel discussion was on renewables finance. The discussion about how returns have become so compressed, especially for solar, was eye-opening.
System Advisor Model
October 2018
  • I discovered this product and am intrigued by its breadth and cost (free). If you don't know, it's a techno-economic model for modeling performance and financial metrics of renewable energy products. I was surprised to see that it includes tax structures, like partnership flips and leases. However, it's not clear to me if this product is the state-of-the-art right now.
  • Here's the SAM website:
Photovoltaic Solar Energy
École Polytechnique
September 2018
  • Experienced a flashback to a PN junction lecture from one of my early electrical engineering courses. New material for me included calculations of voltage and power, the concept of direct and indirect irradiance, module and inverter configurations, and grid integration.
  • Course certificate
Wind Energy
Technical University of Denmark
September 2018
  • I enjoyed learning about siting and maintenance of wind turbines. This course did include economics, but there was less about economics and more time spent on engineering and site development.
  • Course certificate

Proudest Professional Accomplishment

Leading Entegra Power as VP & CFO through its entire lifespan.


    Provide meals, toiletries, and clothing to disenfranchised and marginalized men an women
    tutor for this rigorous private school that provides need-based full scholarships for all students
  • BSA Troop 4 (former Scoutmaster)
    Troop 4 is one of the largest and oldest troops in the State of Florida


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